Destination wedding photographer

If you are engaged and planning to marry in Germany or abroad and you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to my website where your search may (hopefully!) end.

Destination Wedding photographer

Hi, im Martin Kleinheinz, German wedding photographer. I would describe my style as photojournalistic wedding report with an artistic approach. I also love to shoot my portraits on medium format film with natural lighting. These components combined make me create timeless, elegant and candid images.

I am very proud and thankful that I had the honor of working with so many wonderful and loving couples. Many of my couples are adventurous, open-minded and open-hearted.

I work together with some of the best wedding professionals in my home town Hanover, Germany. But I am not bound or limited to one place. My home is the world. My weddings have already brought me to places like Paris, Vienna or the Canary Islands. I would be thrilled to be the photographer for your wedding even outside Europe.

But the places I photograph at do not define me or my work. I have a strong German work ethic and a standard of quality that I redefine and hone at every wedding I shoot. Maybe there is nothing I take as seriously as my work. Not even myself.

No matter how small or big your wedding is, it is my passion to capture the greatest chapter of your life for eternity. Be it in the garden, at the hotel, in a castle or at a remote and empty beach – I can offer you beautifully and artistically crafted images as well as a top-notch service for your wedding photography.

I will take wedding photos your parents can be proud of and that your friends will envy. In addition to that i have an open ear and an open heart for my couples. If you book me, you can make a check behind the wedding photographer topic. This is my approach for your wedding photos.

You can find out more about me, or send me an email by filling out my contact form under this text. You can also call me on my cell phone and if i do not answer your call, i will get back to you as soon as possible.


The essence of my work is to capture candid moments combined with an artistic style to get timeless photojournalistic wedding reports

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